2orGuide Delivers Audio Tours

2orGuide delivers Tours and Guides in a Web browser. The 2orGuide platform runs on any device: phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The platform is built as a Web app, so tours respond instantly without network delay and there is no software to download or install. And tours can run without an internet connection, so WiFi dead zones are not a problem.

Compare 2orGuide to other audio-tour platforms:

Dedicated Audio Devices

Like dedicated audio devices, 2orGuide runs without an internet connection, is easy to use, and responds instantly to commands. Unlike audio devices, there isn't any hardware to buy or rent, maintain or clean. And no space or staff needs to be dedicated to provide the tour.

Smartphone App

Like an app, 2orGuide runs on your customer's device and provides an easy-to-use interface. Unlike an app there are not different versions for different phones and the same tour will run right off your website on computers. Also there is nothing for the customer to download or install.

Web audio files

Like putting audio files on your Web site, 2orGuide works with any device and can be integrated with your site. Unlike website files, 2orGuide stores the audio in the browser so it will work even in a WiFi dead zone and doesn't put a continuous load on your network. Also, 2orGuide's interface is really easy to use and it responds instantly to commands.

Visit www.2orGuide.com for more details.